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I am starting from a completely stripped panel.

I am favoring a mahogony panel, relatively simple, but not entirely vintage.

The boxes on a graphic GPS is too long to place on the lower panel.

The GPS would look wrong for the upper panel. This plane may be destined for an iPad in the lap.

This panel is an excellent example of what I would like to realize for this airplane.

This particular implementation really depends on the exterior finish. Specifically, it would be out of place with a military paint scheme.

This implementation does not look as attractive to me because the panel is too pale for the dark red interior.

The red spokes in the yoke are not as attractive as the silver or polished spokes.

I find this panel the most attractive, but it does not have the lower panel.

The deeper color with the black lacquer surround has the depth and end definition I like.

The lower panel of my aircraft may use the lower panel for switches and engine and electical gauges.