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Aircraft Exterior

When initially considered, I felt the effort was too much for the finished aircraft.

Danny prepared this fuselage and did an absolutely beautiful job. The wood runners, headliner frame, framed windows, and baggage compartment have a classic warmth I can not find in more modern aircraft.

I have since come to see this as a labor of love and an opportunity to build a beautiful airplane.

The color and trim of the "Shell" Reliant is very appealing. It is bright, cheery, and somewhat playful.

I do not like this view quite as much. It is massive and would look odd in this color without the Shell logo.

I have not verified, but my SR-10 may have the smooth cowl.

If this is the case, the SR-9 may get the more playful colors and the SR-10 could look little more military.

The military color scheme is not consistent with the warm wood and leather interior I would like.

A deep red with white trim may be a better choice.