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Aircraft Interior

It is clearly not a rental aircraft.

The interior is essentially original.

This is the Commuter model with 38 gallon Patroller tanks.

Initially, the sky lights are a novelty. They become normal pretty quick when looking through the roof during steep turns.

For me, it is now strange to fly a Cessna without them.

The avionics are King Silver Crown with an IFR approach certifiable Apollo GX-50 GPS. The GPS will support approaches to 500 feet. The KX-155 ILS will bring it down to 200 feet.

The airplane is IFR certified.

The GPS will be certified with the next annual inspection and IFR pitot static check.

The intercom jacks are mounted in the back so the headset wires are not cluttering the front.

I have new carpet to be installed. but have held off because the original carpet is still presentable.

I may install the carpet with this annual inspection. Then again, I may leave it for the next owner.

The brittle side panels were replaced. Notice the absence of scuff marks on the door.

There are a few nicks in the seat covers. This would be expected if the seats were still original. If you click on the picture, they are visible.

It is scarcely worth the effort and expense to recover the seats.