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Beautiful Cessna 150

This is a very low time Cessna with an IFR panel with the "Patroller" long range tanks, and skylights.

The previous owners kept several airplanes. They were accustomed to nice airplanes and certainly kept this one in nice condition.

This particular airplane was for the wife to fly for pleasure and social occasions. They used another airplane for travel.

(Click on the pictures to get a better look.)

It has been a joy getting this airplane back to current flying condition. When an airplane is as nice as this, it responds to care wonderfully.

I replaced the windshield and updated the panel to be a little more capable in IFR.

Unlike most aircraft in this class, it attracts people.

At pancake breakfasts, it gets a steady stream of spectators.

OK, that is a Loran antenna on the fuselage, just behind the back window. It is easy enough to replace it with a Garmin antenna and reuse the coax for a secondary GPS.

The 38 gallon (35 useable) long range tank allows about 7 hours endurance. This would allow a couple three hour legs back to back before refueling (like autumn color tours, going to the coast for lunch, ...)

I guess if you are spotting fish offshore, flying pipelines, making traffic reports, or crossing West Texas, the endurance would be useful.

It looks like a vintage Cessna brouchure.

The sky lights, communication antennae, and the IFR GPS antenna are visible.

It is all very clean.

Clean windshield is easier to see out than see in.

Picture yourself looking back. ;-)

Inviting. Inside, it smells like an airplane. (you will understand)