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1957 Beechcraft Bonanza H35, N5430D

1957 Beechcraft Bonanza H35, N5430D

This has been my personal business airplane for several years with excellent speed, range, and comfort.

It is now on its way to North Carolina to a new home..

Make Beechcraft
Model H35/IO-470N
Year 1957
FAA N-Number N5430D
Serial Number D4945
Based KARB - Ann Arbor, Michigan
TTAF 4235 (Nov, 2016)
Fuel Capacity 100 gallons total
Mains and aux are 60, tips total 40.
IFR Range 70% 1000 nm/1125 sm 163 - 170 kts
IFR Range 60% 1161 nm/1320 sm 150 - 160 kts
GPS GX-60 (IFR certified installation)
Yokes Dual yoke and throw-over
Autopilot None
Air conditioning Yes, has the fully functional swamp cooler
Owner Mike Steele, Stephen Clark - Private Use
Next Annual due June 1, 2018
ELT Battery due Apr, 2019
Log book status All logs since new

I build my airplanes to keep them. I purchased this airplane from a friend after he had a gear up landing. (If inclined, look at the links on Damage and Repairs)

I took my time with professional repairs. Because it was "my" airplane, I took the liberty to address everything I found to make the airplane comfortable and reliable. The result is a Beechcraft that is "current" (fresh engine, propeller, gyros, intercom), thoroughly inspected, and very well maintained. The airplane is equipped to be comfortably IFR capable with simple systems that are easy to master and affordable to maintain.

Given the current condition of this airplane, it will not require a lot of maintenance for a while. You could use it as a time builder, but you sure would cover a lot of distance. The ATP 1500 hour requirement would cover 262,500 miles. (10+ times around the world)

I did not list range for the "economy cruise". Unless crossing the Atlantic without a ferry tank, I can not imagine a 10 hour, 1500 mile flight. (and yes, it can make the Greenland/Iceland route as equipped)

This is a cross country airplane. For me, a 200 mile hop to Niagara or Chicago is better than a 30 mile hop for lunch. In short: Cover some distance before coming back down.

The airplane is always hangared as a matter of course.

Care and maintenance is comparable to the appearance of the airplane.