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Aircraft Interior

The intent was to maintain the original style of the Bonanza.

The glove box is deep enough to allow sectionals to lie flat.

Unlike other Bonanzas, this glove box door is still a glove box door and is not loaded with gauges.

The new floors were stained and treated with Polyurethane to improve wear and to increase service life during annual inspections. Though fitted with carpet snaps, the floor is quite attactive and servicable without carpet.

I have a new carlet kit, but have not fitted the snaps for installation.

With modern avionics, there is little motivation to change to a "center stack". The stereo intercom, IFR GPS, traditional NAV/COM, and transponder fit cleanly in the lower left side of the panel and are easy access for th pilot.

The airplane is pictured with a "throw-over-yoke". It also has a dual yoke for the flight reviews and shared flights.

Compared with the later model Bonanzas, the H-35 has a smaller baggage compartment and the rear seats do not slide. This allows the retractiable step.

As a consequence, there are far fewer "aft-CG" problems in the H-35 than the later model Bonanzas.

In this airplane, only the back seat has headrests. I do not care if the people in back sleep. (I feel differently about the people in front.)