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Propeller and engine were recently overhauled.

The propeller is the Beechcraft hydraulic propeller with no airworthiness directives.

The engine is the fuel-injected, Continental IO-470N with alternator instead of generator.

This engine allows for a better climb (like the P-model), a higher cruise (163 kts actual at gross), and lower specific fuel consumption with better cylinder balance.

Because the engine was subject to a gear-up landing, the engine was sent to Kline Aviation for an overhaul with extended component inspections requested.

I chose Kline because he is candid about damage. I went to his shop before and after the inspection (not during). I was comfortable with his service on engines that belong to other people and that he would be as thorough and candid on mine.

I am not disappointed with my decision.

The fuel injection system was overhauled, though an overhaul was not warranted.

My concern was fuel balance, stability, atomization, adjustment, and internal wear. They did replace a worn mixture shaft. That was the only anomoly to a routine overhaul.

Propeller was overhauled the same time as the engine.

There is no oil weaping on the propeller..

Once installed with the accessories, it is difficult to get a comprehensive picture.

Look for fit, finish, seals, baffling, oil leaks.

Baffles are about 300 hours old and are perfectly adequate.

Fuel hoses were replaced with new units at the overhaul.

Alternator, starter, air/oil separator, vaccuum pump, there is a lot behind the engine.

Despite the complexity, notice no leaks. stray wires, no "misting" of the compartment.