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Aircraft Interior

The interior maintains the vintage color for the era.

The fabric seats are comfortable in cold and hot weather.

Dual yokes support training and sharing the flight.

The canted panel keeps the view of the GPS clear for both pilots.

Avionics: KCS-55A HSI, stormscope, STEC-60-2, Garmin 660 GPS, GX-60 GPS/COM, KX-165 HAV/COM, DME, Digital OAT

The PTT above the glove box supports dual and throw-over yokes.

The glove box is still a glove box and not loaded with gauges.

The 496 had been updated to a 660.

The GX-60 is no longer supported and should be replaced at the ADS-B update.

The panel is clear, simple, and uncluttered.

Notice the room to add gauges below the panel.

The reclining back seats are split and are on tracks to adjust for legroom and personal comfort

Split seats allow more combinations for people and baggage.