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1967 Cessna C182, N2888F

1967 Cessna 182 Project for 2015

I am in the process of rebuilding this airplane. Initially, it did not appear to be worth the effort. Today, the fuselage is now very attractive.

With the exception of more current avionics and micro-vortex generators, the airplane will retain the original interior and wheelpants. Of course, the systems (engine, propeller, vaccuum/gyros, brakes) will be overhauled and/or brought to airworthy condition.

We are targeting a May, 2017, completion of a very attractive, vintage Cessna 182.

Make Cessna
Model C182 / O-470R 230 HP
Year 1967
FAA N-Number N2888F
Serial Number Unknown
Based KARB - Ann Arbor, Michigan
TTAF 1267
SMOH will be 0.0
Useful load 1250
Fuel Capacity 80 gallons total
IFR Range 70% 650 nm/740 sm 130 - 135 kts
Owner Neil Lynch, MEL, A&P- Private Use
Next Annual due N/A
Next Static check due N/A
ELT Battery due N/A
Log book status

This airplane is a 1967 Cessna C182 with roughly 1267 hours, total time. It was victim of a "hand prop" accident in 1975.

I will spare the details, except to say the airplane was repaired, stripped, stored, extracted, cleaned and treated, and repainted.

The wings are being replaced with wings of the same series with 2,503 hours total time. The donor plane came down hard on its nose and incurred enough damaage to total the airplane. Flying surfaces were not damaged.

N2888F has been repainted to the original color scheme of the donor airplane to match the style and color of the flying surfaces.