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Radios and Avionics

The VFR avionics stack uses only quality components that are suitable for a Luscombe.

The Garmin 196 is fine for navigation. At 120 mph, a highly capable GPS is not really warranted. Simple things, like "terrain awareness", is conducted by looking out the windows.

The panel and avionics stack were designed to be upgradable to IFR. A Garmin 430 would replace the 196, and a GI-106 would take the place of the ELT remote.

Because the Luscombe has limited access behind the panel, the stack was designed to be self contained and removable as an assembly.

(See how it was built.)

The radio stack assembly is held in place by six (6) machine screws.

When removed, the components behind the panel are easily accessible. Mind you, it may be many years before items behind the stack will need to be accessed.

The stack was installed many times during assembly. The wiring harness and a centralized connection to the ship wiring were carefully fitted.

Engine controls and wiring, antenna leads, and static lines were fitted for a very clean installation.

Notice that the right hand glove box is removed. It too was designed for easy removal for access behind the panel. Image, being able to see AND get a hand behind the panel.

The stack is designed to be self contained. It connects to the ship with power, ground, a DB-25 connector, antenna leads, and the static line to the encoding transponder.

Installation is roughly 15 minutes.