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Overall, the panel presents well. More importantly, it is a quality installation with minimal clutter under the panel and in the cockpit.

The battery powered Garmin Pilot-III above the panel is installed using the existing screws use to hold the plastic cover over the panel. It is can be installed or removed in less than two (2) minutes.

The pilot PTT (push to talk) is located just below the transponder. When the pilot's hand is on the throttle, the extended index finger falls naturally on the pilot\s PTT. When the copilot's (instructor) is on the throttle, the extended index finger actually falls to the right of the pilot PTT, just where the copilot PTT is located.

The instrument "blank" in the panel is where the second KI-208 would be installed.
Note the position of the intercom just above the KMA24. This is where the previous marker beacon was installed. It is comfortably out of the way where it will not be bumped during flight.
Note the circuit breakers are real, Klixon "push-on", "pull-off" circuit breakers instead of the typical Cessna fuses.