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Aircraft Interior

The interior is "serviceable".
In 2010, the cosmetic aspect of the interior was not addressed.
The floorboards under the pilot/copilot feet and pedals were removed for cleaning inspecting, and lubricating all parts accessible. Most old machine screws, metal screws, and many tinnermans were replaced to make subsequent removal and maintenance much easier.
The seats are old, but presentable. There no tears. The elastic in the pocket behind the pilot seat no longers holds the pocket closed.
Door panels are intact and not breaking.
The side carpet inserts by the seats are missing. The side carpet under the panel looks old. (visible in the picture above)
Baggage compartment - no issues.
The cover for the dome light, panel light, and speaker is made of aluminum. A slight crack in the ceiling is visible by this cover.
The ceiling is original and brittle.
The rear ceiling cover is starting to crack and break.