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1946 Luscombe 8A N72097

An Ed Larsen, refurbished Luscombe 8A. (Second to last major Luscombe project at Larsen Field)

Starting with a straight, airworthy airplane, Ed Larsen, the grandson of Moody Larsen, refurbished this airplane to solid flying status.

(FYI: Moody Larsen, Ed' grandfather, owned the Luscombe Company from 1960 into the 1990's.)

Ed Larsen learned his craft from his grandfather and used the original Luscombe drawings and many of the original tools in refurbishing this aircraft.

The airplane readily qualifies for LSA status, without question. It has never been 'upgraded' to put its LSA status in question.

Starting with a straight and unmolested airframe, the refurbishment basically:

  • Worked through the wear items (landing gear, controls, brakes)
  • Installed a permanent electrical system (wind driven alternator, 25 Amp/hour Aircraft battery, ...)
  • updated the equipment (King Radio, King Transponder, PMA Intercom)
  • Painted exterior for low maintenance
  • Updated interior with "Larsen Interior" (Leather trim, headliner, quality seats, detailed panel)
  • Installed a permanent, hard sided baggage compartment

The entire ignition system (magnetos, wiring harness, and plugs) was updated with a new, impulse coupled, Slick system for easy starting.