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Technically airworthy, but reflected years of deferred maintenance.

Rebushed, cleaned, primed, zinc coating, rebuilt Oleo

Seat pan was removed to replace. We started cleaning under the pan.

Since the seat pan was already removed, it was a good time to address other areas that were now accessible.

Horizontal stabilizer was opened, inspected, cleaned, and treated. The absence of mice nests, hornet nests, and bird nests was welcome.

Vertical stabilizer had a repair to a hinge attach that was not something we wanted to live with for the next 35 years. So we repaired the repair.

Prior to paint, all seams were sealed (faint black lines) to insure no water penetrated the seams.

Once sealed, the seams were again primed, then the color coat was applied.

The Luscombe is an 8A Deluxe, so it was painted with the correct Luscombe paint scheme for the year and model.

This compares favorably against decal markings. Note that the cowling was fitted to the exhaust.
We only had the airplane out for brief periods during refurbishment because it attracted people. It made getting work done very difficult.

The cowl doors were simply a T-3 sheet, and did not fit the contour of the cowl.

New cowl doors were made from type-O and fitted. The cowl fasteners were rebuilt to as-new condition.

Protruding skylight bolts were a concern.

The rubber mounted skylight is both more watertight, and safer. The passenger door was modified so its window also opens.