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Starting Aircraft

I purchased N72097 at Larsen Airport when the previous owner brought it over for its annual. I took the opportunity to work with the Larsens to become familiar with this airplane during its annual inspection. I purchased it shortly after its annual, and began its refurbished not too much later.

The airplane was hangered in a steel hanger in Ann Arbor, seldom flown, seldom polished, and annualed irregularly.

The aircraft was not painted, however was polished too infrequently to prevent pitting in the alclad.

Though straight and airworthy, the airplane was not maintained to my preferences. Some deferred maintenance items that were technically airworthy were not items I would chose to leave deferred.

The airplane was consistent for a 60 year old Luscombe. Log books were complete. It had never been 'upgraded' to invalidate its LSA status.

The starting airplane was clean, straight, and airworthy. It was not kept to my mechanical or appearance preferences.

Though mechanically fine, the engine compartment was devoid of any sense of pride.

The Cowl doors were made from T3, and were not fitted (now could they be) to the curvature of the cowling. Securing fasteners reflected the aircraft's age.

The airplane did not have a permanent electrical system. A motorcycle battery was kept behind the seat to power the radio. There was no mechanism to charge the battery while in flight.

There was sufficient pitting in the alclad that polishing the airplane would not have achieved the quite the desired appearance.

The screws from the skylight protruded enough to be a concern for me and my scalp in turbulence.

The very brown interior was neither comfortable nor inviting.

I would not have been excited to bring the airplane to a pancake breakfast, much less airshow. However, just flying it would have been fine.