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John Larsen got comfortable during the maiden flight after the refurbishment.

Every Luscombe made is aerobatic. I have never been inclined to explore its limits. John has no qualms once he knows the airplane.
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The Luscombe paint scheme is painted and it correct for the model year.

Note the fit and finish of the cowl doors.

The cowling was reshaped and repaired as necessary.

The cowl door fasteners were replaced and their anchors rebuilt so they will fit tight for years.
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The cute little label on the tail is, in fact, raised aluminum. Painting the recessed area black was a task Ed deligated to me.

If I do it again, I will wear magnifying goggles and a reading lamp.

Trivial as it sounds, we checked and verified the size and scale of the N numbers against the 43-13 before painting them.
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What is to say. We worked on top and bottom.

All sheet metal seams were sealed before painting. This was to insure there would be no water leaking into the seems and causing a problem later.
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This is the airplane at home by my hanger in Ann Arbor.
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The airplane is seldom left outside.

I do not treat it as a trophy.

But, it does seem to attact hand prints on the windows from those interested in seeing inside.
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