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(larger photo to see detail)

The airplane is not intended to be a show plane. We deliberately did not make it so nice that it could not be taken on a trip and be left outside overnight.

My most favorite image is leaving a private grass strip in Illinois at day break, surrounded by wing high corn. Idling across the tranquil farm fields and finding where the corn mazes are being cut is my favorite. Stopping for gas always warrants conversation.

It does, however, tend to get parked in front at shows and pancake breakfasts.

It is rewarding when someone goes back to their car to get their camera or gets misty eyed because their Dad had one of these when it was still new.

Its appearance is inviting for children and parents alike. Children find it approachable. Perhaps it is just the 'right' size. As a Young Eagle pilot, the eagerness of the children and trust of the parent make their maiden flights a joy.

Most notable is that it uses very little fuel, is scarcely more expensive than a nice car, and has kindled the interest of several budding aviators.

(larger photo to see detail)

It is far more at home back on Larsen field.